My name is ナマチャ パンダ (Namacha Panda) How are you? I am fine thank you. And I am crazy panda. 面白いですよ!


あああああ ごめんなせっくす!ばかばかばかばかえろ僕ですよ!
hihihi I was inside trip in country 日本!!!
きれいな場所見った!!! bat garrufriendo no come a lot and
stay in home だからおれだけ!!!! hihihihi and nyan nyan
smell the onna neko @_@/ =(*_*)= !!! hihihihihihihihihihi

and 浜辺に行った!!! i cream whhn thinking of time!

and OPPAIS !!! もちろん!!!!!

and gay man kiss bat don minde !!
DON MIND E becoause I BAIT HEAD!!!!


That's rigth! ROCK ON! BABY!


hi hi hi 。。。。。おなかぺこぺこ。。。。

度したの、生茶パンダくん? hi hi hi i am hontouni badtstard

最初に、i bite nice man in nose (はなだっろ!) strange is becose!

waaaaahahahahahaha sister of nose strange パンチー i like!!!! waaaa

and bite becase basutarudo friendo is strengi nose 人 

bat he is number #1!!!!! 一番かっこい!



Haaaallo everybady! Weekendo cckome quickly! which is come
quikcly because rest it is goooooood!!!!!! やーーーー 楽しみですね!!!
あのさーー not good that I is work so with the work where I am
is new and ちょう hardo

It いs by By the way のどからから!!! and so drink cow is!!!


shhhh!!! しずかに下さい!!! my garrfruebdno is chou angry if see
this!!! hihihihi is girl and sukato no?!!

Other puppetto no I don't know, but very notto cuto
ね〜 本当に多分ホモだろ!とかわいいくない!!

へ〜〜〜〜〜〜 おれ?どしたの?あの牛を食べたい わ〜〜〜
in the OPPAIS!!!! SO. DA. NE. NE!


あーーーー あたまいったいあたまいったい!!! (;_;)
Dorinko no¥t good is.
but I'm good play snobuorudo

but I'm not good drink pa-ti. (;_;)(;_;)(;_;) あたまいったいあたまいったいよ!!!


Hello everybady!!!!! New updeto!!! 今日は本当にりっぱな更新しますよ!!!!
えっとね昨日はトリヴィアショウ見った? わーーーーーー!!!! 面白かった!!!
いつも "へーーーーーーーーーーーー へーーーーーーーーーー"
hi hi hi I am verry basutardo, mmm engrish i forget!!!! hi hi hi
Do you know garrufrendo? See on suki lifto? I am so funny!!!!
ECCCHI DAKARA!!!! hihihihihihihihihihihi!!!!!! むらむらしますよーーーー!

My stock hardudo any time, but meny boys harudo too so i bite
in the chinkou. And leave my 葉 on the chinkou. hihihihi

basutarudo hontou ni is! でもhihiすこしおいしいかったですよよよ!

So very is stupid Pusan my tooth I kill chinkou, like chinkou nabe!!
hihihihihi really I am so funny!!

へーー!多分 is pusan chikan, he likes ね!
プsan hontou ni basutard o !


I am very very happpi!!!! Today I play ski!!! Very good, paly snoborudo,
play カレライス, chou very delicias really!
And I dont like rakka room in it is girl anymore. I meet meny girl on
ski lifto!!!! hiiiiihihihihihihihihihihi I am so funny!!! and

I go she nexto week but no no Roppongi! 六本木きめえー!!!!
waaaaa really she is happi like me (o'-')o('-'o)!!!!
and I am ready! yo yo yo yo! see? piru every day!!!!!!

is good, or no I have.....
too meny meny meny NAMACHAPANDA bastarudoA liek me!!!!!!!

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